About Us


NanoMITe is a global research consortium consisting of top-level nano-scientists from world-class academic institutions and centers of excellence from United States, Germany, Canada, China and Malaysia with extensive expertise in the field.

The objectives of NanoMITe are to:

This global collaboration initiative will provide tremendous resources for carrying out high-impact research in different domains of nanotechnology. The combined efforts and the participation of the international faculty would open doors for students and research scholars to carry out research projects in foreign labs to gain exposure, expertise and credentials. It is a concerted effort by the scientific community across the globe to train the young generation through an integrated educational and research engineering program which will enable translation of such technological solutions into entrepreneurial platforms. In addition,our programmes will train scientists and engineers from day one to become the future leaders in nanotechnology innovation, commercialization, and entrepreneurship.

The consortium under NanoMITe will provide a global platform for research, development and strengthening of nanotechnology-enabled solutions to address global issues such as:

• Poverty
• Lack of access to technology and information
• Lack of clean water supply
• Low agricultural efficiency
• Expensive medical diagnostics and treatments
• Lack of reliable local energy production

Backed by the strong support from the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) and leading academic institutions, NanoMITE Annual Symposium & Nanotechnology Malaysia Annual Symposium 2019 (NANOSYM 2019) will become the premier gathering place of nanotechnologists meeting leading academic experts in the field of nanotechnology.